Read Corporate Branding Books And Learn The Ropes

If you would like to learn more about corporate branding and its concepts, you can learn a lot by reading related articles in any publication available. You will be able to have an idea as to what it is and what it can do for your company. It will make you appreciate the value of corporate branding and how it eventually affects your bottom line.

Books are available for your use – and these books will provide you with all the necessary information about the topic. Corporate branding books will be a good read and will prove to be worth your money & time – given the valuable information in your hands.

Here are some of the books that you may like to check:

1.) Corporate Branding: Purpose/People/Process by Majken Schultz – This book discusses 3 major factors in corporate branding. It discusses the purpose of branding, the role of the stakeholders and the processes involved in this endeavor. This corporate book also discusses the classic branding approach and the recent development of corporate branding.

2.) Corporate Reputations, Branding and People Management: A Strategic Approach to HR by Susan Hetrick – This is primarily intended for HR practitioners for better understanding of corporate-level concepts with regards to corporate marketing and branding. The readers will then be guided in coming up with better HR strategies in support of their companys drive and agenda in corporate reputation and branding.

3.) The Best of Branding: Best Practice in Corporate Branding by James R. Gregory – In this book, one will find the authors findings about branding, what works for companies and what doesnt work – and why. Interviews with executives of companies with successful brands are featured in the book. The successful strategies will be discussed here.

4.) Leveraging the Corporate Brand by James R. Gregory and Jack Wiechmann – This book discusses the need for companies to rebuild reputations and corporate brand identities. It emphasizes the value of corporate brand communications. The book involves itself in practical applications as well, aside from the in-depth theories & insights on the subject.

5.) Revealing the Corporation: Perspective on Identity, Image, Reputation and Corporate Branding by John M.T. Balmer & Stephen A. Greyser – The book talks about concepts on corporate identity, image, branding and communication. It has commentaries by editors, case study sections and links to other related works.

Corporate Branding – Learning It Well

Taking the time to read books will familiarize you with the key concepts with regards to the topic. You will have the background knowledge on what usually works in a particular setting, and relate it to the current situation your company is currently in. Books provide you with the insights and the important points that you can use & apply for your own case – equipping the readers with the know-how in dealing with issues relating to corporate branding.

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